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12.04.2015 18:23 Religion
President of Kazakhstan has extended his congratulations on the Easter holiday to Kazakhstan.
21.04.2014 17:01 Religion
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev visited the Ascension Cathedral in Almaty to wish Happy Easter to all Christian Kazakhstanis.
21.04.2014 13:23 Crime
A drunk Russian teenager drove a stolen car into an Easter procession of Orthodox worshippers in Siberia on Sunday, killing two police officers on duty, police said.
20.04.2014 11:40 Religion
With a nighttime procession lit by the glimmer of devotional candles and the flash of smartphone cameras, a church in Turkish-held northern Cyprus hosted its first Easter mass in nearly 60 years.
19.04.2014 12:37 Religion
Pope Francis attended an emotional night of prayers for hot-button social issues including domestic abuse, prison overcrowding and unemployment to mark the Good Friday before Easter.
18.04.2014 11:50 Religion
Thousands of people flocked to rural fields in the Philippines on Friday to witness the gruesome spectacle of men being crucified in their annual Easter re-enactment of the death of Jesus Christ.
06.05.2013 20:17 Religion
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev visited Uspensky Cathedral, Kazakhstan’s major orthodox church, on Easter Sunday.
04.05.2013 15:08 Politics
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev has congratulated the country’s Orthodox Christians on the Easter celebrated tomorrow.
01.04.2013 15:51 Religion
Pope Francis prayed for a "political solution" in Syria and for "reconciliation" on the Korean peninsula in his first Easter Sunday message in front of a crowd in St Peter's Square.
01.04.2013 12:48 Religion
Venezuela's two presidential candidates were burnt in effigy Sunday in an Easter tradition that replaces the biblical Judas Iscariot with disliked public figures.
01.04.2013 10:28 Markets
Foreign exchange rates were calm Friday as financial markets in Europe, the United States and elsewhere were closed for Easter weekend.
31.03.2013 10:30 Religion
Pope Francis is to celebrate his first Easter vigil on Saturday after praying for peace in the Middle East and stronger Christian-Muslim dialogue at a torch-lit ceremony for Good Friday.
29.03.2013 19:00 Religion
Catholic zealots in the Philippines re-enacted the last hours of Jesus Christ on Good Friday, whipping their backs and nailing themselves to crosses in a grisly Easter ritual that persists despite Church disapproval.
28.03.2013 13:34 Religion
Pope Francis will stamp his personal touch on Easter celebrations starting by washing the feet of young prisoners on Thursday as he stresses the importance of reaching out to those in need.
24.04.2011 12:19 Kazakhstan
“May the ways of peace and accord be followed in every family of our common home – the Republic of Kazakhstan!" Nursultan Nazarbayev said.