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25.07.2013 19:11 Companies
Michael Dell and his investor allies modestly boosted their buyout offer Wednesday for the struggling computer giant he founded, and asked the board to change the method for shareholder approval.
11.05.2013 16:41 Companies
A battle for US computer giant Dell heated up Friday as corporate raider Carl Icahn and other investors made a new offer and called a planned buyout led by company founder Michael Dell a "giveaway."
10.03.2013 18:37 Finance
Wall Street raider Carl Icahn defended his twin attacks on computer giant Dell and offshore oil rig operator Transocean Friday, saying such companies need "shaking up" for shareholders' benefit.
06.02.2013 13:17 Markets
Dell's plan to take the computer giant private offers an opportunity to return to its start-up roots, but won't solve the fundamental problems facing the company and the PC sector.