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28.04.2016 17:40 Crime
Hundreds of employees at China's top statistics bureau are being investigated after selling data.
28.03.2016 13:27 Finance
Brazil's former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is warning that the Petrobras corruption probe is paralyzing the Brazilian economy.
26.11.2015 15:13 Crime
Sepp Blatter said that he was the target of "an inquisition" by FIFA's ethics committee, which has suspended him for 90 days and called for further sanctions over corruption charges.
19.11.2015 12:14 Crime
A FIFA appeal committee rejected a bid by president Sepp Blatter and UEFA chief Michel Platini to overturn their 90-day bans while Swiss police pursue a criminal inquiry.
18.11.2015 16:35 Crime
An American businessman Joseph Chetrit is accused of helping Ablyazov and Khrapunov launder $40 million.
12.11.2015 14:44 Crime
Vladimir Putin ordered an inquiry into allegations of "state-supported" drug abuse in athletics that have left Russia facing a possible Olympics ban, but insisted any punishment should be individual and not collective.
09.11.2015 10:11 Religion
Pope Francis pledged to forge ahead with reforms within the Church, while decrying "deplorable" leaks over uncontrolled spending by the Vatican.
02.11.2015 15:09 Crime
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko warned that the arrest of a millionaire associate of one of the country's most powerful oligarchs was only "the start" of a fight against the corruption plaguing the ex-Soviet country.
29.10.2015 11:47 Crime
Outgoing FIFA president Sepp Blatter blamed England, the United States and Michel Platini for the corruption scandal engulfing the organisation.
27.10.2015 15:26 Unrest
Malaysia increasingly resembles a "police state" as the government uses repressive laws to silence critics including those demanding the prime minister answer corruption allegations.
21.10.2015 16:31 Crime
A senior FIFA official called into question Michel Platini's bid for football's top job, saying the failure to disclose a multi-million dollar payment could be seen as a "falsification of accounts".
19.10.2015 15:23 Crime
Michel Platini, president of European football body UEFA and suspended amid a huge corruption scandal rocking the game, admitted there was no written contract for remuneration he received from world body FIFA.
16.10.2015 13:15 Crime
UEFA said it supports suspended president Michel Platini's right to defend himself against corruption allegations following an emergency meeting in Nyon, Switzerland.
15.10.2015 10:59 Crime
Michel Platini will get a strong indication of the level of support from the organisation he heads when UEFA holds its crisis meeting in Nyon.
09.10.2015 17:12 Crime
FIFA president Sepp Blatter appealed against the 90 day ban that forced him out of office, a report said as world football's sleaze-tainted governing body headed into months of turmoil over how to find a new leader.
09.10.2015 14:34 Crime
UEFA refused to name a new leader after FIFA banned its president Michel Platini from all football activity for 90 days.
07.10.2015 15:52 Politics
President Dilma Rousseff's campaign will be investigated for alleged use of funds skimmed from the vast Petrobras corruption scheme, in a twist that could potentially end her term early.
06.10.2015 15:20 Crime
FIFA presidential hopeful Chung Mong-Joon on Tuesday accused Sepp Blatter of trying to smear him via the body's ethics committee, in a bid to force the South Korean to drop his candidacy.
05.10.2015 18:48 Crime
The FBI is able to track the money leaving Kazakhstan as a part of its anti-corruption efforts.
30.09.2015 18:30 Crime
UEFA chief Michel Platini is "still determined" to run for the FIFA presidency as successor to Sepp Blatter in next February's elections, despite "doubts" about his integrity.
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