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Новости по теме: Colombia По вашему запросу найдено: 60 материалов
05.06.2015 11:28 Politics
Colombia's Congress has voted to bar presidents from seeking re-election.
02.04.2015 14:50 Religion
Olga Lucia Alvarez says it is her vocation to be a Catholic priest, and she is not going to let gender or excommunication stop her from preaching the gospel.
26.03.2015 23:28 Sport
Kazakhstani boxer Kanat Islam (19-0, 16 KOs) has defeated Orlando de Jesus Estrada and increased his rating in the super welterweight division.
26.01.2015 17:17 Entertainment, Style
Colombia's Paulina Vega was crowned Miss Universe Sunday, beating out contenders from the United States, Ukraine, Jamaica and The Netherlands.
30.10.2014 12:35 Politics
Prince Charles and his wife were welcomed to Colombia with military honors.
27.10.2014 11:15 Science, Technologies
Bioactive ingredients found in cocoa sharply reversed age-related memory decline in a group of volunteers, scientists reported.
15.10.2014 14:42 Crime
Twelve adults and five children suspected of child sex crimes and human trafficking have been arrested in Colombia in a joint operation with the United States.
27.08.2014 14:20 Crime
The head of Colombian drug kingpin P. Escobar's hitmen is set to be released from prison after helping prosecutors convict a former justice minister.
21.08.2014 15:08 Cinema, Music
Colombian pop star Shakira's 2010 hit song "Loca" is an illegal copy of a tune written by a Dominican musician in 1998.
23.07.2014 10:03 Crime
Homicides in Colombia fell to their lowest rate in a decade, plummeting more than nine percent in 2013 compared to the previous year, officials said.
19.07.2014 11:40 Crime
A Spanish couple was arrested trying to leave Colombia with a five-week-old girl they allegedly bought from her parents, Colombian authorities said.
02.07.2014 13:09 Politics
Former world leaders Bill Clinton and Tony Blair attended a special summit in Colombia in support of the country's bid to forge peace with FARC rebels.
24.06.2014 12:11 Sport
The hangover goes around the globe like a Mexican wave -- a trail of destructive and sometimes deadly celebration is left after every win and the World Cup 'sickie' has become an epidemic.
20.06.2014 12:49 Politics
Latin America's Pacific Alliance trade bloc agreed to allow citizens to live and work in any of the four member countries for a year.
16.06.2014 11:11 Politics
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, who was re-elected Sunday, is seen as his country's best hope for a potential peace deal with Marxist rebels.
27.05.2014 13:24 Emergencies
The death toll from a Colombian bus fire rose to 33 children after a girl hospitalized with severe burns succumbed to her injuries, authorities said.
19.05.2014 11:00 Emergencies
Thirty-one children were burned to death when a bus they were traveling in caught fire in northern Colombia on Sunday, the Red Cross said.
19.05.2014 10:39 Politics
A video showing Colombia's main opposition presidential candidate receiving apparently confidential information from a hacker jolted the campaign Sunday.
11.05.2014 10:04 Crime
The owner of a Miami restaurant chain has paid nearly $10 million for a luxurious beach-front home in the US city once owned by famous Colombian drug trafficker Pablo Escobar.
04.05.2014 12:57 Disasters
Rescue workers recovered more bodies Saturday of people killed in a landslide at an illegal gold mine in western Colombia, raising the death toll to 10, with an additional six feared dead.
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