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09.01.2015 11:18 Companies
US soda giant Coca-Cola plans to cut 1,600-1,800 jobs in a cost-saving move.
15.08.2014 11:33 Companies
Coca-Cola announced it will pay $2.15 billion for a 16.7 percent stake in Monster Beverage.
22.04.2014 13:34 Laws, Initiatives
Coca-Cola was taken to task by the US Supreme Court on Monday, with justices questioning whether a drink sold as fruit juice was the real thing.
17.03.2014 01:31 Companies
The world's football stars will not be the only ones competing for glory at this year's World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. Coca-Cola will also be running hard.
02.10.2013 14:54 Companies
US soft drinks giants Coca-Cola and PepsiCo must make their sugar suppliers act to stop so-called land grabs in countries such as Brazil and Cambodia.
12.02.2013 16:47 Health
A New Zealand woman's 10-litre (2.2 gallon) a day Coca-Cola habit was a major factor in her death, a coroner found Tuesday, urging the soft drink giant to put health warnings on its caffeinated products.
15.12.2012 13:55 Companies
Coca-Cola FEMSA of Mexico is to take control of the US soft drink firm's bottling operations in the Philippines in a $688.5 million cash deal.
01.09.2012 12:37 Strange News
Coca-Cola has been available at private markets in North Korea for more than a decade even if the US soft drink maker has not opened business in the communist state.