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22.12.2015 17:02 Laws, Initiatives
Tajikistan has tightened restrictions on celebrations of the traditional festive season in schools in the Central Asian country, banning Christmas trees and gift-giving.
07.01.2015 15:01 Politics
Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev has congratulated the people of Kazakhstan on Orthodox Christmas.
26.12.2014 15:40 Politics
President Barack Obama in a Christmas Day speech to US troops stationed in Hawaii hailed their "extraordinary dedication and sacrifices."
26.12.2014 11:18 Religion
Pope Francis roundly condemned jihadist violence and the "brutal persecution" of religious minorities in a Christmas message.
25.12.2014 14:03 Laws, Initiatives
A Chinese city has banned schools from holding Christmas events, highlighting official suspicions about the increasingly popular festival because of its foreign origins.
25.12.2014 13:29 Religion
Pope Francis urged people to have greater empathy towards family and friends with problems in his Christmas Eve mass.
24.12.2014 16:17 Politics
Germany's president appealed in a Christmas message for compassion and openness towards refugees coming to the country.
21.12.2014 12:52 Entertainment, Style
Christmas has exploded in the atheist nation in recent years, with marketeers using everything from saxophones and Smurfs to steam trains to get shoppers to open their wallets.
13.12.2014 15:26 Health
Sierra Leone said it was banning any public Christmas celebrations as the spiralling caseload of Ebola infections continues to spread alarm.
23.05.2014 11:23 Crime
The twin bombs that went off at the Boston Marathon last year were made using improvised fuses from Christmas lights and detonators constructed from model car parts, US prosecutors said.
16.01.2014 10:00 Entertainment, Style
Sales of Burberry's luxury handbags and clothing soared over the crucial festive trading period, boosted by impressive growth in Asia, the British fashion group revealed on Wednesday.
28.12.2013 15:01 Markets
US stocks edged towards the finale of a banner 2013 in buoyant fashion this week, repeatedly reaching new records on a string of solid economic data.
28.12.2013 10:53 Internet
Most stores were closed but Americans still managed to shop on Christmas Day -- increasingly on their smartphones.
28.12.2013 10:18 Companies
Amazon Thursday said it would give $20 gift cards and pay shipping costs for customers affected by problems at UPS and FedEx that delayed some Christmas package deliveries.
27.12.2013 16:06 Unrest
The Red Cross said Thursday it had recovered some 40 bodies on the streets of Bangui as the United States expressed alarm at the latest eruption of fighting in the Central African Republic.
26.12.2013 13:34 Politics
Queen Elizabeth II urged people to take the time for quiet reflection in 2014, in her annual Christmas Day message to the Commonwealth.
26.12.2013 10:11 Religion
Thousands of Christians are killed every year because of their faith and the persecution is becoming more widespread.
26.12.2013 09:52 Disasters
Survivors of the Philippines' deadliest typhoon spent a gloomy Christmas Day surrounded by mud Wednesday as heavy rain drove many inside their flimsy shelters, dampening efforts to retain some holiday cheer in the deeply devout nation.
25.12.2013 18:07 Environment
A British Greenpeace protester Tuesday said he was "jubilant" after Russia closed the criminal case against him for staging a protest on an oil rig, and vowed to keep fighting for environmental issues.
25.12.2013 17:45 Military
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has urged the country's military to bolster its combat readiness, saying a war could break out "without any prior notice", state media reported Wednesday.
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