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10.07.2014 23:32 Art, Books
It was one of the greatest love stories in history and now the marriage certificate that sealed the union of Napoleon and his first wife Josephine is to be sold at auction in September.
09.07.2014 22:54 Art, Books
A lost Van Dyck painting spotted on a British television programme failed to find a buyer at a Tuesday auction despite estimates it would fetch 1,000 times its original price.
15.05.2014 11:00 Art, Books
A spectacular blue diamond, the largest in its category, fetched a total of $23.79 million (17.35 million euros) at a Christie's auction in Geneva.
14.05.2014 19:48 Art, Books
A painting by American Barnett Newman, "Black Fire I," went under the gavel for $84 million Tuesday at Christie's postwar and contemporary art auction in New York, a record price for the artist.
05.02.2014 17:24 Art, Books
Juan Gris's Cubist still life "Nature Morte a la Nappe a Carreaux" ("The Checked Tablecloth") sold for £34.8 million at a London sale Tuesday, smashing the auction record for the Spanish artist.