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04.05.2016 14:47 Disasters
The 100,000 residents of the Canadian city of Fort McMurray were ordered to leave town as a monster wildfire swept through the region.
11.03.2016 17:43 Cinema, Music
A run-in with customs at Cairo airport has left Grammy Award winning rock musician Bryan Adams fuming, after a border agent scrawled a number on the Canadian's prize guitar in paint marker.
26.11.2015 10:41 Politics
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada was reviewing its role in the fight against Islamic State jihadists, during a visit to London in which he also bantered with Queen Elizabeth II.
21.11.2015 15:25 Entertainment, Style
Justin Bieber's new album has smashed the record for first week streaming on Spotify.
19.11.2015 16:59 Military
Canada's freshly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vowed to remain a "strong" partner in the fight against the Islamic State group.
18.11.2015 18:51 Sport
Figure skater from Kazakhstan Elizabeth Tursynbayeva, 15, finished 7th at Skate Canada International ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating.
18.11.2015 16:45 Sport
Gennady Golovkin, the WBA Super, IBO and WBC Interim titleholder from Kazakhstan once again proved his undefeated status at the biggest boxing arena Madison Square Garden.
18.11.2015 09:55 Military
Canada will send more military trainers to Iraq to drill local troops combatting the Islamic State group, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, while remaining committed to pulling out its fighter jets.
17.11.2015 13:49 Politics
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced increasing calls to delay bringing in 25,000 Syrian refugees by year's end due to security concerns, following attacks in Paris.
16.11.2015 15:45 People
Up to 5,000 people marched in silence Sunday in Montreal in memory of victims of the Paris terror attacks.
14.11.2015 13:41 Politics
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has ordered a reopening of the bidding process to replace Canada's aging fleet of fighter jets.
13.11.2015 14:28 Entertainment, Style
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet leaders of Canada's provinces and territories to hash out a cohesive climate strategy a week before key international talks in Paris.
07.11.2015 15:38 Politics
US President Barack Obama on Friday blocked the Keystone XL oil pipeline that Canada sought to build into the United States, ruling it would harm the fight against climate change.
07.11.2015 11:58 Entertainment, Style
Pop idol Justin Bieber is finding a new way to say "Sorry" -- in Spanish.
06.11.2015 14:40 Politics
Canada's new prime minister vowed to make good on campaign promises to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees by the beginning of next year and bring home fighter jets battling the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.
04.11.2015 14:48 Politics
Justin Trudeau takes over as Canada's prime minister, striking out on the diplomatic stage with a fortnight of back-to-back summits leading up to the UN climate talks in Paris.
21.10.2015 15:50 Politics
President Barack Obama called Canada's Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau to congratulate him on his election victory, with both men vowing closer cooperation on trade and climate change.
18.10.2015 20:25 Sport
15-year-old figure skater representing Kazakhstan Elizabeth Tyrsynbaeva has come first among ladies at the Skate Canada Autumn Classic.
18.10.2015 15:39 Sport
Gennady Golovkin (33-0, 30 KOs), WBA Super, IBO and WBC Interim middleweight champion has taken part in the final press conference with the IBF titleholder David Lemieux (34-2, 31 KOs) in New York.
17.10.2015 17:42 Cinema, Music
A public appeal by Celine Dion for new songs for her next album in French has been met with a flood of offered tunes.
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