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20.05.2015 15:28 People
More than 1,000 people marked Cambodia's annual "Day of Anger" against the genocidal former Khmer Rouge regime.
19.05.2015 11:48 Crime
Russian authorities on Monday issued an indictment for fraud against tycoon Sergei Polonsky, less than a day after flying him in from Cambodia.
21.03.2015 11:52 Politics
Michelle Obama was greeted by flag-waving schoolchildren during the first trip by a sitting First Lady to Cambodia.
03.09.2014 12:04 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has appointed a number of new ambassadors of Kazakhstan.
30.07.2014 13:35 Crime
Cambodia's UN-backed Khmer Rouge court began a second trial of two former regime leaders on charges including genocide of Vietnamese people and ethnic Muslims, forced marriages and rape.
15.07.2014 13:51 Politics
Cambodian police Tuesday fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators demanding authorities reopen the country's main protest venue, as clashes left at least 30 people injured, rights groups said.
14.07.2014 10:32 Emergencies
Five Cambodian soldiers died and one was seriously injured Monday in a helicopter crash during military training on the outskirts of the capital Phnom Penh, an official said.
23.05.2014 16:44 People
The former "First Lady" of Cambodia's murderous Khmer Rouge regime has been hospitalised in neighbouring Thailand and is relying on a feeding tube and oxygen to survive, her son said.
29.04.2014 13:57 Crime
A Taiwanese woman was on Tuesday jailed for 10 years by a Cambodian court for trafficking hundreds of people to work in slave-like conditions on fishing boats off Africa.
11.04.2014 12:39 Emergencies
Nine Cambodians were killed Friday when a mini-bus carrying migrant workers returning home for the Buddhist New Year crashed and burst into flames in eastern Thailand, police said.
02.04.2014 16:27 Politics
Remains believed to be those of three American servicemen killed in Cambodia more than four decades ago during the Vietnam War were repatriated Wednesday for identification in the United States.
20.02.2014 15:46 Environment
A dam which Laos plans to build across the Mekong River could wipe out critically endangered dolphins in downstream Cambodia.
08.02.2014 17:36 Cinema, Music
Director Rithy Panh was 15 when he escaped the horror of a Cambodian labour camp under the communist Khmer Rouge. He never saw his parents or his sisters again.
13.01.2014 15:29 Crime
A Cambodian court on Monday freed a Russian tycoon wanted by Moscow over allegations he embezzled tens of millions of dollars in a real estate scam, and suspended extradition proceedings against him, his lawyer said.
05.01.2014 14:41 Unrest
Cambodian authorities Saturday dispersed opposition protesters from their rally base in the capital and halted further protests against the kingdom's strongman premier, a day after police launched a deadly crackdown on striking garment workers.
03.01.2014 12:08 Unrest
Cambodian police opened fire on protesting garment workers on the outskirts of the capital Phnom Penh on Friday, leaving several people wounded.
10.12.2013 17:59 People
Thousands of Cambodian opposition supporters and activists, including Buddhist monks, took to the streets Tuesday to mark Human Rights Day and call for improvements in the kingdom's rights record.
02.10.2013 14:54 Companies
US soft drinks giants Coca-Cola and PepsiCo must make their sugar suppliers act to stop so-called land grabs in countries such as Brazil and Cambodia.
31.07.2013 10:00 Politics
The United States voiced concern on Monday about reports of irregularities in Cambodia's weekend elections and called for a credible investigation.
29.07.2013 11:02 Politics
Cambodia's opposition on Monday rejected the claim of victory by the ruling party of strongman Prime Minister Hun Sen in weekend elections, alleging widespread irregularities.
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