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23.01.2014 17:41 Industry, Infrastructure
China will finance most of the costs associated with building a $10 billion refinery in Ecuador, and become a partner in the megaproject.
12.11.2013 14:18 Companies
China will open its state-owned firms to greater investment by private companies, a state-run newspaper reported Monday, as media raise expectations over a top Communist Party meeting on economic reforms.
01.07.2013 23:57 Politics
KazMunaiGas is to sell its stake, purchasing the stake of the exiting ConocoPhillips: Head of KazMunaiGas National Oil Company.
08.10.2012 15:10 Markets
According to Russia’s Izvestiya newspaper, further implementation of the current taxation scheme may lead to Russia missing out on tax revenues of up to $ 1 billion a year.