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15.01.2015 14:06 Companies
Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry's shares jumped then fell back amid rumors of takeover talks with South Korea's Samsung.
29.11.2014 11:32 Gadgets
Germany said Friday it had approved Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry's purchase of data encryption firm Secusmart.
14.10.2014 15:22 Companies
British luxury handbag maker Burberry warned over its outlook, as smaller rival Mulberry issued a profit warning against a background of global growth strains
23.09.2014 11:38 Gadgets
BlackBerry is set to unveil its latest smartphone Wednesday, in a move aimed at reviving the fortunes of the struggling Canadian tech group.
30.03.2014 13:20 Companies
BlackBerry reported fresh losses Friday but offered some reasons for optimism as the smartphone maker struggles to escape from a death spiral.
14.03.2014 18:02 Industry, Infrastructure
The European Union took another step towards the mandatory introduction of a common mobile phone charger, which could power-up all makes of handsets.
22.01.2014 14:10 Companies
BlackBerry shares leapt more than nine percent Tuesday as the troubled Canadian smartphone maker got a boost from news of contract to supply the US military with 80,000 new handsets.
05.01.2014 23:04 Companies
Blackberry Ltd. said Friday it had filed a suit in a California court against Los Angeles firm Typo Products for violating its patents with a Blackberry-like keyboard made for Apple's iPhone.
25.09.2013 10:45 Companies
Tech pioneer BlackBerry made a last roll of the dice Monday and agreed to a probable $4.7 billion buyout by a consortium planning to take the struggling smartphone maker private.
30.06.2013 19:15 Markets
BlackBerry on Friday posted an unexpected first quarter loss and disappointing sales figures for its new smartphones.
29.03.2013 14:31 Companies
Showing signs of fresh life, smartphone maker BlackBerry eked out a small profit in a transition quarter in the midst of its rollout of a make-or-break platform to challenge Apple and Android.
08.02.2013 18:45 Companies
Troubled smartphone maker BlackBerry will not launch its new models in Japan, reports said Friday, effectively heralding a pull-out from a booming smartphone market where it is being beaten by Apple.
02.11.2012 18:24 Military
The Pentagon will no longer retain an exclusive contract with Blackberry maker Research in Motion and has invited companies such as Apple to offer smart phones to its vast work force.
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