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26.04.2014 11:21 Crime
Authorities in China's restive Xinjiang region are offering cash to informants who report on neighbours with excessive facial hair, state media has reported.
25.12.2013 12:51 People
Sri Lankan authorities barred the Australian owner of one of the world's most exclusive hotels from returning to his adopted homeland Tuesday for flying the national flag upside down, officials said.
18.06.2013 11:11 Internet
Internet giants Facebook and Microsoft say they received thousands of requests for data from US authorities last year but are prohibited from disclosing how many related to national security.
04.04.2013 16:57 Strange News
Jonathan Powell gave a lecture in Kazakhstan President’s State Management Academy in Kazakhstan.
29.03.2013 15:34 Finance
Kazakhstan Interior Ministry turned out to be the most expensive state authority by direct and indirect capital expenditures.
09.02.2013 10:00 People
British authorities warned the public Thursday not to eat beef lasagne sold by the Findus brand and made in France after tests found it contained up to 100 percent horse meat.
07.02.2013 14:01 Politics
China has banned ads that encourage giving luxury gifts to authorities, state media said Thursday, the latest push against official extravagance since new leaders took charge vowing better governance.
05.02.2013 21:07 Politics
President Nursultan Nazarbayev instructed to study the existing capacities of the country's Armed Forces and set several tasks to the law-enforcement authorities.
29.12.2012 20:16 Emergencies
Former Kazakhstan Vice-Minister of Defense supports the suggestion of the Majilis to transfer the whole military aviation fleet to one authority.
18.10.2012 12:26 Entertainment, Style
South Korea authorities said Wednesday they were taking steps to curb over-sexualised performances by teenaged stars of the country's thriving K-pop scene.
06.09.2012 10:21 Politics
Nearly a decade after Saddam Hussein's statue was pulled down in an iconic moment seen globally, Baghdad will finally replace it with new artwork to mark its selection as the 2013 Arab Capital of Culture.
31.08.2012 17:32 Politics
Through an unmarked door, down a passageway and behind a padlocked metal gate lies a room littered with cell phones that is the nerve centre of an underground effort by Angolan rappers to monitor Friday's vote.
16.08.2012 17:22 People
Long lines of undocumented immigrants sprang up across the US on Wednesday as thousands took advantage of President Barack Obama's decision to grant many of them temporary residency.
08.08.2012 18:04 Crime
US authorities said Tuesday they arrested a man at a screening of the latest Batman movie with a bag full of weapons in a case that evoked a recent rampage in Colorado that claimed a dozen lives.
06.08.2012 17:43 Politics
Libya's interim authorities said they will hand over power to a newly elected congress on Wednesday, less than a year after its fighters overthrew the regime of Moamer Kadhafi.
18.07.2012 18:02 Strange News
Health authorities in Chile on Tuesday confirmed what one man has claimed for weeks: that he found a mouse tail in his McDonald's hamburger.
14.07.2012 13:51 Crime
US and Mexican authorities have unearthed a 240-yard-long drug smuggling tunnel under their joint border in the state of Arizona, the latest such find in the violence-scarred region.
10.07.2012 17:50 Politics
Out of sight, in a large hall lit by welding sparks, workers in Libya are rushing to build an assembly fit for the country's first elected authorities since the ouster of Moamer Kadhafi's regime.
26.06.2012 15:48 People
Kazakhstan performs an unscheduled assessment of its law-enforcement authorities.
20.06.2012 19:09 Industry, Infrastructure
High-class Kazakhstan railway stations will be equipped with Wi-Fi hubs, luggage and exchange offices, mother’s room and service centers.
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