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15.08.2014 12:20 Science, Technologies
Antarctic minke whales engage in an underwater feeding frenzy, filling their huge mouths up to 100 times an hour as they gorge on prawn-like krill.
28.07.2014 12:17 People
Traveler and mountain guide from Almaty Andrey Gundarev intends to be the first Kazakhstani to conquer 7 highest volcanoes on world's 7 continents.
24.07.2014 15:04 Environment
A food shortage likely caused by climate change is shrinking a South Antarctic fur seal colony and changing the profile of its surviving members, researchers said.
19.06.2014 09:56 Environment
Antarctic scientists warned Wednesday that a surge in tourists visiting the frozen continent was threatening its fragile environment and called for better protection.
17.06.2014 11:41 Environment
Japan has slaughtered 30 minke whales off its northeast coast, in the first hunt since the UN's top court ordered Tokyo to stop killing the animals in the Antarctic, the government said.
07.05.2014 15:56 Health
A new kind of bird flu has been detected for the first time in Adelie penguins in Antarctica, though the virus does not seem to make them sick, researchers said.
26.04.2014 13:39 Laws, Initiatives
A Japanese whaling fleet is set to leave port Saturday in the first hunt since the UN's top court last month ordered Tokyo to stop killing whales in the Antarctic.
09.04.2014 12:34 Environment
Japan killed 251 minke whales during the 2014 Antarctic hunt, in what is expected to be the last "research whaling" mission in the Southern Ocean after an international court ruling.
01.04.2014 11:15 Laws, Initiatives
Australia and New Zealand on Tuesday hailed a landmark court decision that Japan must halt an annual Antarctic whale hunt, despite fears it may try to sidestep the order.
12.03.2014 10:12 Science, Technologies
The steam and heat from volcanoes allowed species of plants and animals to survive past ice ages, a study showed Tuesday, offering help for scientists dealing with climate change.
21.02.2014 12:20 Environment
The melting of ice in the Antarctic is considered a top threat to global sea level rise, and scientists said Thursday the trend could continue for decades or even centuries to come.
22.01.2014 18:11 Science, Technologies
Scientists whose Antarctic expedition became trapped in sea ice finally returned to dry land Wednesday, apologising for the disruption and facing questions over who will pay for the international rescue mission.
08.01.2014 13:47 Science, Technologies
A complex international operation to free a Russian ship trapped in Antarctica ended Wednesday when the vessel cleared the ice field, as officials released a United States icebreaker from the rescue.
04.01.2014 11:29 Emergencies
Australian authorities expressed relief Friday after 52 passengers were safely evacuated by helicopter from a Russian ship stranded in Antarctica, but then raised concern for a Chinese rescue vessel caught in heavy ice.
31.12.2013 13:32 Science, Technologies
An icebound Russian research vessel prepared to ring in the New Year in remote Antarctica Tuesday as blizzards hampered a helicopter rescue planned after several icebreaking attempts failed.
28.12.2013 17:46 Science, Technologies
A Chinese icebreaker has failed to break through thick ice to free a ship carrying scientists and tourists stranded off Antarctica, forcing Australian authorities to look at other rescue options Saturday.
26.12.2013 17:04 Science, Technologies
Three icebreaking ships were Thursday hurrying to reach a Russian vessel carrying 74 people on a scientific expedition which is trapped by ice off Antarctica, with Australian authorities coordinating the rescue mission.
21.12.2013 10:07 Science, Technologies
Two Australian explorers have battled dangerous sea ice to reach the historic Mawson's Huts in Antarctica which have been isolated for years by a giant iceberg blocking the route in, officials said Friday.
20.12.2013 10:43 Science, Technologies
Chinese workers are on their way to build the country's fourth Antarctic research base and a fifth is being planned, state-run media said Thursday as the country expands its imprint on the icy continent.
01.11.2013 16:05 Environment
Plans to create two vast ocean sanctuaries in Antarctica to protect the pristine wilderness failed Friday for a third time with Russia and China blocking the bids.
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