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21.11.2016 10:05 Politics
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would seek a fourth term in elections next year to defend democratic principles.
24.06.2016 17:37 Politics
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday warned EU member states against drawing hasty conclusions about Britain's decision to quit.
09.12.2015 19:05 People
Time magazine named German Chancellor Angela Merkel as its Person of the Year 2015, hailing her leadership during Europe's debt, refugee and migrant crises and Russia's intervention in Ukraine.
12.10.2015 12:25 Politics
Republican US presidential frontrunner Donald Trump branded Angela Merkel's welcoming of migrants to Germany "insane" and said the policy will only spark riots in the country.
11.09.2015 11:15 People
Chancellor Angela Merkel won a hero's welcome as she visited a Berlin migrant centre, with Syrians cheering and taking selfies as Germany threw open its doors to thousands of refugees.
26.06.2015 12:00 Entertainment, Style
A model at a Rick Owens fashion show in Paris brandished a banner saying "Please Kill Angela Merkel - Not", prompting the designer to note he had nothing to do with the "act of protest."
16.02.2015 22:16 Politics
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Yerlan Idrissov has expressed concerns over the implementation of the agreement signed in Minsk.
13.02.2015 14:43 Politics
Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a statement following the results of the Normand Talks in Minsk, Belarus.
13.02.2015 14:15 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko have discussed the Normand Talk between Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France in Minsk on the phone.
02.02.2015 13:07 Unrest
Thousands of Hungarians took to the streets of Budapest seeking support from Chancellor Angela Merkel against their Prime Minister Viktor Orban.
10.01.2015 13:42 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have discussed settlement of the Ukrainian crisis in the context of the possible meeting between the Heads of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France in Astana.
08.01.2015 16:53 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev arrives to Berlin on Janurary 9 to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
07.01.2015 10:31 Politics
Human Rights Watch urged German Chancellor Angela Merkel to put pressure on Kiev over its use of cluster bombs and Grad rockets.
31.12.2014 12:44 Politics
German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a New Year's address vowed to maintain a tough stance against Russia over the Ukraine crisis.
10.12.2014 12:18 Politics
Germany's conservative Christian Democrats were expected to overwhelmingly re-elect their popular Chancellor Angela Merkel.
15.11.2014 13:19 Entertainment, Style
Most of the world's powerhouse leaders arriving in Brisbane for the G20 summit to relax at their luxury hotels, but not Angela Merkel who opted for the pub.
21.10.2014 14:02 Finance
German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Ukraine's allies to help the war-scarred nation pay off its gas debts to Russia.
15.09.2014 11:31 Politics
Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed to resolutely combat anti-Semitism, speaking at a rally to condemn a spate of hate speech and attacks against Jews.
10.09.2014 18:55 Finance
Angela Merkel voiced pride in her country's strong budget and called on EU states "finally" to respect joint fiscal rules.
18.07.2014 12:54 Politics
Quirky tributes poured in for German Chancellor Angela Merkel as she celebrated her 60th birthday on Thursday, along with some advice from her former mentor, elder statesman Helmut Kohl.
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