Android - операционная система для мобильных телефонов, планшетных компьютеров и смартбуков, основанная на ядре Linux.
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29.05.2015 12:50 Science, Technologies
Google's updated Android mobile software seeks to make the smartphone smarter, while keeping the search titan relevant in a world where people rely on apps on the go.
31.03.2015 14:08 Companies
Google said Monday it was updating its mobile Gmail app for Android device users to allow them to manage multiple email accounts from a single program.
21.03.2015 16:05 Fun Stuff
Who can say no to a video about animals? Who can say no to a video about friendship between unlikely buddies?
20.02.2015 16:27 Gadgets
YouTube revealed plans for the US release of a mobile application built with children -- and their parents' concerns -- in mind.
31.10.2014 15:17 Internet
Google confirmed that an executive behind leading mobile device software Android is leaving the company to create an incubator for hardware startups.
16.09.2014 10:33 Gadgets
Google launched a $105 smartphone in India, taking aim at emerging markets as part of an initiative called Android One.
22.07.2014 12:47 Internet
US prosecutors on Monday unsealed indictments against six people suspected of collectively pirating millions of applications tailored for Android-powered mobile devices.
18.07.2014 14:14 Internet
Google reported that its quarterly profit rose with a jump in revenue and released word that its chief business officer was leaving the company.
26.06.2014 12:00 Gadgets
South Korea's Samsung and LG launched rival smartwatches powered by Google's new software as they jostle to lead an increasingly competitive market for wearable devices seen as the mobile industry's next growth booster.
24.06.2014 13:04 Internet
Malicious software is increasingly making its way into mobile phones through "cloned" versions of popular apps, and software weaknesses in legitimate ones, security researchers said.
04.06.2014 15:06 Gadgets
Samsung on Tuesday unwrapped its new smartphone using the Tizen platform, a move aimed at breaking away from Google's Android and staking a claim to the "Internet of Things."
10.05.2014 11:54 Internet
An appeals court on Friday breathed new life into Oracle's big-money lawsuit against Google by ruling that software commands can be copyrighted just like classic books.
01.04.2014 10:52 Internet
Jurors were selected Monday for a high-stakes patent battle between smartphone rivals Apple and Samsung, setting the stage for attorneys to open fire regarding who copied innovations.
19.03.2014 11:14 Internet
Google announced it was bringing Android, the dominant platform for smartphones, to wearable devices.
04.03.2014 12:11 Gadgets
Tablet computer sales soared last year with Android-powered devices dethroning iPads atop a booming global market.
28.02.2014 10:04 Gadgets
US aircraft manufacturer Boeing has developed a smartphone geared mainly toward people working in defense and homeland security.
30.01.2014 10:29 Companies
Google agreed Wednesday to sell Motorola to Chinese tech giant Lenovo for $2.91 billion, after a lackluster two-year effort to turn around the smartphone maker it bought for $12.5 billion.
22.01.2014 14:10 Companies
BlackBerry shares leapt more than nine percent Tuesday as the troubled Canadian smartphone maker got a boost from news of contract to supply the US military with 80,000 new handsets.
15.01.2014 10:18 Markets
Motorola announced Tuesday that its flagship Moto X smartphone is heading for Europe.
11.01.2014 10:01 Gadgets
While many of the digital glitterati thronging this week's Consumer Electronics Show were wearing Google's new Internet glasses, rival online eyewear products abounded among the trade stands.
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