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26.03.2015 00:32 Disasters
A family of three from Kazakhstan was among the victims of the plane crash in the French Alps.
29.08.2014 14:49 Entertainment, Style
Playing Icarus as they leap off sheer cliffs, thrill-seekers dressed like flamboyant bats have become common sight in the Alps.
04.06.2014 14:07 Crime
A former French Legionnaire, questioned during the course of the investigation into the 2012 murder of four people in the French Alps, committed suicide on Tuesday, police said.
10.02.2014 11:43 Emergencies
Two women were killed when a massive falling boulder hit a passing train in the French Alps on Saturday, leaving one of its carriages dangling precariously off a steep, snow-covered embankment.
30.04.2013 16:58 Crime
British police assisting the investigation into last year's murder of a British-Iraqi family in the French Alps on Monday released footage of a 4x4 vehicle seen close to the crime scene.
05.01.2013 18:24 Emergencies
A snowmobile accident in the Italian Alps left six tourists dead and two others seriously injured Friday, the ANSA news agency reported.
15.09.2012 12:00 Crime
British police have hailed "extremely productive" talks with the French prosecutor and the judge leading the probe into the killing of a British family in the French Alps last week.
10.09.2012 12:45 Crime
Police were on Monday waiting to question a young British girl seen as the key to solving the mystery of a shooting on a lonely forest road that left three members of her family and a cyclist dead.
08.09.2012 12:47 Crime
The horrific massacre of a British-Iraqi family in the French Alps dominated the front pages of Britain's newspapers on Friday with the performance of French investigators coming under the microscope.
01.08.2012 11:23 Environment
A modest ski area in the French Alps is ready to unbolt its chairlifts and rope off slopes as the local mayor concludes that climate change means the trails ahead will be rocky.