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28.01.2016 16:27 Emergencies
An air ambulance helicopter carrying a baby girl with suspected leukaemia to hospital has crashed in Kazakhstan, killing all five on board.
17.06.2015 18:49 People
Prosecutor General’s Office has reported 86 suicide cases among teenagers in Kazakhstan.
27.05.2015 21:16 Emergencies
A two-seat helicopter has crashed in Almaty Oblast near Taldykurgan in southern Kazakhstan.
06.05.2015 15:39 Politics
President Nursultan Nazarbayev has signed a decree appointing the Akims of Astana, Almaty and Oblasts.
28.04.2015 00:37 Health
A strange incident involving a man who froze in a shopping mall has occured in Kazakhstan.
17.04.2015 20:10 Entertainment, Style
UK based marketing agency Captive Minds and Inge Solheim want to organize a film festival in the mountains of Almaty.
26.03.2015 23:57 Entertainment, Style
16-year-old Innara Yussupova, a Kazakh model from OK-models agency in Astana, has won the Grand Prix at the Face of Central Asia beauty contest.
25.02.2015 16:12 Sport
The Royal Plaza Alash Pride vol.3 international tournament in mixed martial arts has ended in Kapshagai near Kazakhstan's Almaty.
21.02.2015 03:20 Sport
MMA RPAP vol.3 international tournament has opened on February 20 in Kapshagay, a town near Almaty in Kazakhstan.
08.02.2015 17:24 Military
Kazakhstan’s peacekeeping battalions will conduct the Steppe Eagle 2015 exercise near Almaty together with US armed forces.
24.01.2015 00:54 Companies
Air taxi had started operating in Almaty and Astana.
25.12.2014 13:50 Finance
Astana, Almaty and Almaty Oblast receive the largest portion of the public investments in Kazakhstan.
28.10.2014 19:04 Industry, Infrastructure
Almaty-Baiserke-Talgar gas pipeline has started working in Almaty Oblast.
26.09.2014 18:37 Emergencies
A military aircraft has crashed in Kazakhstan's Almaty Oblast killing both pilots. Causes are being investigated and the issue of air security in Kazakhstan is once again at the forefront.
24.09.2014 01:21 Industry, Infrastructure
A sugar factory with a capacity of 100 thousand tons per season will be built in Almaty Oblast.
24.08.2014 20:44 Politics
President Nursultan Nazarbayev has introduced the new Akim (Governor) of Almaty Oblast during his official visit.
18.08.2014 19:46 Entertainment, Style
As September, the month of festivities is approaching, Almaty is preparing for a month long celebration of the City Day.
09.08.2014 12:45 Markets
The Ministry of Agriculture has reported on the quality of crops and yields of different regions of Kazakhstan.
30.07.2014 16:05 Industry, Infrastructure
Development of a new master plan of Almaty city will be completed in the end of 2015, a year later than planned.
19.07.2014 17:13 Disasters
The temporary check dam at the Talgar river meant to regulate water flow into irrigation channels destroyed by July 17 mudflood is being reconstructed.
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