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Новости по теме: Alaska По вашему запросу найдено: 12 материалов
31.10.2014 17:42 Fun Stuff
Travellers discover a 'talking' lake in Alaska.
26.09.2014 11:00 Disasters
A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck Alaska and was felt in the state capital Anchorage, the US Geological Survey and social media reported.
24.06.2014 11:14 Emergencies
Residents in a remote section of the US Aleutian islands rushed to higher ground after an 7.9-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Alaska triggered a local tsunami warning, an official said.
19.06.2014 12:04 Military
The remains of 17 US service members lost in a 1952 military plane crash in Alaska have been recovered more than six decades later, officials said.
04.06.2014 10:23 People
Kazakhstani mountain climber Maksut Zhumayev has successfully started his solo climb of the North America’s highest mountain peak ‪Mount McKinley.
28.05.2014 21:01 People
Famous mountain climber from Kazakhstan Maksut Zhumayev is setting off to climb North America’s highest mountain peak ‪Mount McKinley‬.
13.03.2014 12:09 Science, Technologies
A pint-sized tyrannosaur braved the frigid Arctic and feasted on fellow dinosaurs 70 million years ago, according to a report Wednesday on a new species identified from fossilized skull bones in Alaska.
02.03.2014 12:23 Environment
US environmental authorities made a rare move Friday to block a massive copper and gold mine in Alaska before it even gets under way, in a bid to protect wild salmon.
06.09.2013 10:27 Disasters
A tsunami generated by a massive earthquake off Alaska could cause major damage to California's economy and force 750,000 people to evacuate.
10.07.2013 19:06 Military
The US military will go ahead with the deployment of a missile defense system in Alaska despite the recent test failure of an interceptor missile.
15.01.2013 13:32 People
An American family of Bretwood Higman and Erin McKittrick with two kids lives in a yurt in Alaska.
09.01.2013 10:22 Environment
An oil rig which ran aground in Alaska has been refloated and is being towed to a nearby harbor, with no signs of pollution seen.