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Kazakh neonatologists to diagnose cardiac malformations Kazakhstan is working hard to reduce mortality rate among babies. Two Neonatologists were trained in Tureky to use Mindray DC-3 scanner.
14 апреля 2011
Bayterek system launch shifted to 2017 Completion of Baiterek launch facility at Baikonur cosmodrome has been postponed to 2017 over design errors and Angara booster tests.
14 апреля 2011
New reserve launch pad to be built in Baikonur In the end of 2011 Russia will prepare a reserve launch site at Baikonur Cosmodrome.
05 апреля 2011
Children bone marrow transplantation will become available in Kazakhstan Children bone marrow transplantation department is to open up in Kazakhstan's National Pediatric Center in Q2 of 2011.
30 марта 2011
Karaganda schoolgirl invented wind generator A schoolgirl from Karaganda invented a wind generator producing energy at low wind speed
17 марта 2011
Kazakhstan’s doctors tap into stem cells technology to treat burns Four patients have had a total of 5 surgeries to transplant artificial skin.
16 марта 2011
Foreign companies bid for construction of KazSat-3 satellite Companies of France, the USA, China and Russia submitted their bids to construct the KazSat-3 satellite. Kazakhstan is holding a tender a second time.
05 марта 2011

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