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Kazakh neonatologists to diagnose cardiac malformations 14 апреля 2011, 14:01

Kazakhstan is working hard to reduce mortality rate among babies. Two Neonatologists were trained in Tureky to use Mindray DC-3 scanner.
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Photo courtesy of organizators Photo courtesy of organizators
Neonatologists Nare Mussayeva and Sofiya Yemenova from Almaty-based Maternity Hospital №1 have returned from Turkey where they were trained to use Mindray DC-3 ultrasound scanner, Tengrinews.kz reports. The hospital obtained the $37-thousand device last year. Now pregnant women can get a free medical examination with the use of this new equipment. 80 newborns have already been examined for cardiac malformations with the ultrasound scanner. Congenital heart disease was detected in 10 of the cases. According to DOM charity foundation director Aruzhan Sain, there are businessmen in Kazakhstan who care about the future of newborns with heart diseases in Kazakhstan. They were the ones who paid for the neonatology physicians’ training in Turkey and purchased the ultrasound scanner. “This ultra-sound scanner installed at the Maternity Hospital №1 allows to diagnose cardiac anomalies when women are still pregnant,” Aruzhan Sain said. “Women should be examined before the 22nd week of pregnancy. This would let the doctors prescribe them the correct hypurgia. If they are found to be carrying a baby with a congenital heart disease, they will be admitted to a special maternity hospital where they will be given special treatment,” Sain said. Similar scanners are available at the Centers for Human Reproduction in Almaty and Astana. Physicians say this is not enough, though, because congenital heart disease is in the fourth place by the number of cases among newborns in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstani newborns with congenital heart diseases are treated abroad; the cost of such surgery ranges from $8 thousand and up. Syzganov Scientific Surgery Center has recently starter making some of the surgeries in Almaty. According to the official data, around three thousand children are annually born with congenital heart diseases in Kazakhstan. Only 10-15 percent of them make it to the age of one. Businessmen have called to their colleagues to support the program aimed at reducing the mortality rate among babies with congenial heart diseases and to assist in purchasing the required equipment.

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