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Kazakhstan to introduce mobile signature in 2015 01 августа 2014, 13:02

Mobile signature generated on a SIM-card will be introduced in Kazakhstan in 2015.
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Photo courtesy of iteranet.ru Photo courtesy of iteranet.ru

Mobile signature generated on a SIM-card will be introduced in Kazakhstan in 2015, Tengrinews reports. The service is being developed as part of the e-government project.

Use of the mobile signature will be made possible on any smartphone. "Mobile signature generated on a SIM-card will allow receiving services regardless of the model of a mobile phone. One will only need to change the SIM-card," said the director of the department for the development of electronic services and CHS of Kazakhstan’s Agency for Communications and Information Ablaikhan Ospanov.

The service is being developed within the project called Information System Mobile Government. Creating M-GOV.

Notification services and alerts via SMS and PUSH, as well as one-time passwords are also in development. "This means that over time, the capabilities of the mobile government will allow us to work without paper-based certificates and documents," Ospanov said.

Currently, Egov.kz mobile app allows Kazakhstani citizens to receive 13 e-government services, including checking one’s number on the waiting list for housing, making utility and tax payments on transportation and other services. To access these, the users needs to use traditional certificate-based digital signatures as opposed to those already built-in on one’s SIM-card.

Since 2012, Kazakhstan started placing digital signatures on personal IDs of citizens. Digital signature is now used in more than 30 information systems, including protocols at the e-government portal, e-procurement portal, IP Treasury-client, United notary information system and etc.

By Dinara Urazova

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