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29.06.2015 13:47 Fun Stuff
An Argentine agronomist who was kidnapped in Nigeria has credited his release to his mention of Lionel Messi, the Argentine football great.
19.11.2014 14:51 Crime
Officials arrested a suspect in the disappearance of the reigning Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado, whose sister's boyfriend is now being heldю
30.09.2014 13:45 People
A South-Kazakhstani TV channel has tested public reaction to kidnapping of a girl in Kazakhstan's southern city of Shymkent.
13.09.2014 14:57 People
The family of James Foley, the US reporter murdered by Islamist militants in Syria, launched a foundation in his name to support kidnap victims.
05.09.2014 18:24 Crime
Medieval traditions or not, but bride kidnapping continues in some parts of Kazakhstan. A bystander took a video of a failed attempt to kidnap a woman.
18.08.2014 14:22 Crime
Japan's government said it was investigating a video that appears to show a kidnapped Japanese man being interrogated by Syrian militants.
28.07.2014 16:02 Unrest
Suspected Boko Haram militants kidnapped the wife of a senior Cameroonian minister and a traditional leader in attacks in the far north of the country that left at least six dead.
05.07.2014 14:55 Unrest
A group of 46 Indian nurses who were trapped in an area of Iraq seized by Islamic militants were set to be welcomed home by anxious relatives Saturday after being freed from the rebel-held city of Mosul.
03.07.2014 13:00 Politics
Japan will revoke some of its unilateral sanctions on North Korea, the prime minister announced Thursday, after talks on the Cold War kidnapping of Japanese nationals.
30.06.2014 11:28 Crime
A Tunisian diplomat and a fellow embassy staffer who were abducted in Libya returned to Tunisia on a military plane early Monday after being freed by their unknown captors.
21.06.2014 13:48 Military
The United States warned it would not accept any use of Russian troops in Ukraine as it confirmed that Moscow had redeployed "significant" military forces near the border.
20.06.2014 11:59 Unrest
Israeli troops have arrested some 30 Palestinians in the West Bank as they ramped up a search for three teenagers believed kidnapped by Hamas, the army said.
20.06.2014 11:32 Crime
A Danish freelance photographer has been freed after being held hostage in Syria for 13 months, the Danish government said.
18.06.2014 15:00 Crime
A 76-year-old Frenchman was convicted Wednesday of having kidnapped a German ex-doctor who had killed his daughter, but he avoided jail time as the court handed down a suspended sentence.
18.06.2014 13:24 Unrest
Forty Indian employees stranded in violence-hit Iraq are "uncontactable", the foreign ministry said Wednesday, with a newspaper reporting the construction workers have been kidnapped.
14.06.2014 13:34 Strange News
Three Israeli teenagers went missing in the West Bank, the army said, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying he held the Palestinian leadership responsible for their safety.
06.06.2014 11:19 Politics
The former son-in-law of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev was arrested in Vienna late Thursday in connection with murder and kidnapping charges, the APA press agency reported.
31.05.2014 13:40 Crime
A Chinese tourist and a Filippino worker have been rescued nearly two months after they were abducted from a Malaysian dive resort, Prime Minister Najib Razak said.
27.05.2014 10:24 Unrest
Nigeria's highest ranking military officer on Monday gave a glimmer of hope to the families of more than 200 schoolgirls held by Boko Haram militants, revealing they had located the missing teenagers.
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