Majority of Kazakhstan citizens trust TV more than printed media

17 июля 2012, 11:12
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The majority of Kazakhstan citizens (44.7 percent) trust TV more than printed media, reports citing Demoscope Bureau of Express-Monitoring of Public Opinion of MediaNet International Journalism Center.

The level of trust to Internet-based sources of information is 17.4 percent. This is 7 percent less than their trust to the Internet in general. At the same time, the citizens have a relatively high trust to newspapers (14.5 percent), although only a much smaller part of the respondents use them as their main source o information. 4.7 percent of Kazakhstan citizens trust radio and only 1.8 percent trust magazines. Almost 17 percent of respondents do not trust any of the information sources.

According to the poll, the majority of Kazakhstan citizens gets information from TV (35 percent) and many combine 2 or 3 sources (36.9 percent); TV and the Internet is the most common combination. 24.4 percent of respondents consider the Web the priority source. Only 3.7 percent prefer newspapers and magazines.

39.6 percent of the polled Almaty citizens follow news on TV. The most popular TV-channels are KTK, Eurasia, Khabar and Russian NTV, Russia and Ren-TV. 25 percent get information on the Internet and almost the same amount of people combine these two sources. 10.4 percent of Almaty citizens prefer printed media.

54 percent of Astana citizens prefer Kazakhstan, Khabar, Channel 7, KTK and Eurasian TV-channels. Internet and newspapers are less popular in Astana: 17.3 and 6.9 percent correspondingly. 21.8 percent of Astana citizens combine TV, radio and Internet.

National channels are the most popular in the regions: KTK, Eurasia, Kazakhstan, Khabar, Channel 31, Channel 7 and Russian NTV and Russia are among the most frequently mentioned channels.

According to the poll, printed media are the most popular in Karaganda (12.5 percent), Petropavlovsk (14.1 percent) and Atyrau (11.2 percent). Local printed media outlest are considered the main source of information.

Almaty citizens named, google, yandex and VKontakte social network the main Web-based sources of information. Astana citizens most frequently mentioned, and Other regions prefer and social network.

The express-monitoring covered 2,048 citizens of all major cities of Kazakhstan. The poll was held via the phone and on the Internet.

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