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Parkinson's disease surgeries will be made in Kazakhstan 28 января 2013, 19:08

A new approach to treatment of tremor and Parkinson's disease will be introduced in Kazakhstan.
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Photo courtesy of uralweb.ru Photo courtesy of uralweb.ru
A new approach to treatment of tremor and Parkinson's diseases will be introduced in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports citing development director of the State Scientific Neurosurgery Center Chingiz Shashkin as saying at the round-table meeting called Neurology and neurosurgery. Joint strategies. “This year we are planning to implement new methods of treatment of Parkinson's disease, essential tremor and dystonia: these methods involve deep brain stimulation that suppresses symptoms like tremor and Parkinson's diseases. The surgery is highly effective and allows to treat the patients at an early stage and very quickly get them back to normal life. The plan is to implement a method of treatment of neuropatic pain by neurostumulation of spinal cord, when special small electrodes are implanted into the spinal cord and then connected to highly-technological electronic devices transmitting electric signals to the cord. This modulates the nervous system and helps cope with neuropatic pain in limbs,” Shashkin said. According to him, this technology has minimal risks. The advantage of neurostimulation lays in the fact that if ineffective, the electrodes can be easily extracted without harming the patient in any way. According to the statistics, Kazakhstan has around 16 thousand people suffering from Parkinson's disease. “No surgeries for Parkinson diseases have been ever made in Kazakhstan. This year’s plan is to perform the first surgeries. We have already agreed with our foreign colleagues who will come and make a start-up of this technology in Kazakhstan. Several experts of our center have already been trained: three neurosurgeons and two neuropathists. We will start making the surgeries this May,” the expert said. Shashkin said that earlier such surgeries were performed abroad only and their cost reached 60-70 thousand Euro. The surgeries planned for this year in Kazakhstan will be made absolutely free of charge. “We will perform the surgeries based quotas (money allocated by the government for treatment of a certain number of people a year free of charge). To begin with we plan to make 10 implantations of the deep stimulators and 15 implantations of spinal cord neurostimulators in 2013. We will be increasing the number of surgeries every year and, thus, improving their accessibility for our patients,” Shashkin added. By Shynar Ospanova

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