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First open heart surgery performed in Almaty Central Clinical Hospital 15 сентября 2011, 15:10

Open heart surgery was performed in Almaty on September 13 for the first time in the system of Kazakhstan President’s hospitals.
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Open heart surgery ©Roza Yessenkulova Open heart surgery ©Roza Yessenkulova
Open heart surgery was performed in Almaty on September 13 for the first time in the system of Kazakhstan President’s hospitals. Journalist of Tengrinews.kz became a witness of this unique event in the history of Kazakhstan cardiac surgery. Medications couldn't help improve the patient's condition anymore. He suffers from ischemic heart disease. Diagnostics showed that the man's heart vessels were completely blocked and badly damaged, doctors say. The goal of the cardiac surgeons was to restore blood flow using the veins from the patient’s right leg. Any incorrect move could become fatal, that is why the surgery required well-coordinated work of the whole team. Open heart surgery is one of the most complicated surgeries. All measures have to be taken to prevent infections. Tengrinews.kz journalist had to change into special OR clothes before entering the operating room. Even the mouth had to be washed by chlorhexidine. No extra belongings were allowed, except for mobile phone. It was not allowed to stand closer than 20 cm to the table with medical instruments. Surgeons asepticizes their hands, put on the gowns and started the surgery. One of them cut the skin on the right leg to reach the vein. Another surgeon and his assistants opened up the chest. Beating heart of the patient was artificially stopped. Patient’s heart condition and pressure were clearly visible on the monitor. In several hours after the surgery began cardiac surgeons replaced the damaged vessel with healthy vein taken from the man’s right leg. Interns were also in the operating room and the main cardiac surgeon explained the work step by step. “Demand for such surgeries in the modern world is very high, as many people suffer from ischemic heart disease,” deputy chief doctor of surgery department of the Central President’s Hospital Nurtas Kazybayev said. “Two thousand people a year need heart surgeries in Almaty, while only one thousand of surgeries are made. That’s why opening of each new cardiac surgery department is a big step in treating such pathology.” According to Kazybayev, the medical personnel was trained by Director General of Astana Cardiology Center Yuriy Pya prior to this surgery. Besides, cardiac surgeons and emergency physicians were trained in Novosibirsk. Kazybayev noted that medical equipment, required instruments and suture materials were specially procured as well. By Roza Yessenkulova

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