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Rats occupied Astana 27 сентября 2011, 16:40

Rats population has increased significantly in Astana.
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©RIA Novosti ©RIA Novosti
Rats population has increased significantly in Astana, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing KTK TV channel. Animals are moving into warm basements and apartments for winter. Rats consume about 25 tones of poison during the season, but this reduces their population only for a short period. Some species are approachong the size of a cat. According to Makhabbat Seitova, a local resident, members of her family recently had to dislodge an especially large rat through the door with the help of tire lever. “It has been said that the population of rats is growing. No, it is not. They are not afraid to face people. They are night animals, and rarely run around at daytime. Usually they come out at night. But when they eat rat poison they come out at any time of day. They run, they bustle around and then they die,” Tatyana Marina, LTD Capital Disinfection deputy director said.

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