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06.04.2016 20:22 Politics
Wanting to stay British, Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands have accused Spain and Argentina of 'bullying'.
03.03.2016 00:03 Strange News
A Ukrainian village renamed a street, which honoured Soviet founder Lenin, after The Beatles' John Lennon.
02.03.2016 23:44 Unrest
The Israeli army is to return West Bank land it requisitioned nearly 40 years ago to its Palestinian owners.
24.04.2014 10:45 Military
China on Thursday released a seized Japanese ship after owner Mitsui O.S.K. Lines paid 2.9 billion yen ($28 million) to the Chinese side, a court said, in a dispute dating to the 1930s.
12.03.2014 13:00 Environment
Kazakhstan Emergencies Minister offered no support to the idea of Mels Yeleussizov to move all the petrol filling stations out of Almaty.
12.12.2013 14:58 Companies
South Korea's Samsung on Thursday lost its latest claim in a long-running global copyright battle against bitter rival Apple, a surprise blow to the electronics giant in its home market.
28.11.2013 10:32 Politics
The head of Honduras' electoral tribunal on Wednesday declared conservative Juan Orlando Hernandez the winner of the presidential poll, amid allegations of vote-rigging from the losing leftist candidate.
26.11.2013 00:18 Emergencies
The managing director of the 514 Aircraft-Repairing Plant declared that Kazakhstan's accusation of the Russian plant for the MIG-31 aircraft crash had too many contradictions.
14.11.2013 15:11 Environment
More than 100 thousand tons of chemical waste is piled out in the open air near Aktau in western Kazakhstan.
05.11.2013 20:20 Politics
According to Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of Kazakhstan Marat Shaikhutdinov, external players are more concerned with the integration of Central Asia than the region itself is.
04.11.2013 12:36 Companies
The AES Corporation is a global power company that owns and operates a diverse and growing portfolio of electricity generation and distribution businesses, which provide reliable, affordable energy to customers in 21 countries.
29.10.2013 12:54 Politics
Beijing's behaviour in its row with Tokyo over disputed islands is jeopardising peace.
17.10.2013 12:51 Politics
Top diplomats from Venezuela and Guyana were set to meet Thursday on South America's biggest remaining territorial dispute.
11.10.2013 16:35 Religion
Greece and Turkey, which share a history marred by bitter territorial disputes and Christian-Muslim feuds, are at loggerheads once again over religion.
28.09.2013 16:00 Politics
Spain on Friday denied Argentina's claims that the two countries had clinched an agreement to get Britain to negotiate the future of the Falkland Islands and Gibraltar.
25.09.2013 11:04 Politics
Russia-US wrangling over a resolution to enforce the destruction of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's chemical weapons cast a shadow Monday over the start of the United Nations General Assembly.
24.09.2013 11:39 Companies
South Korean electronic giants Samsung and LG have agreed to end a year-long battle over display technology patents that spawned a series of lawsuits.
18.09.2013 10:26 Politics
The United States Tuesday accused Russia of ignoring the facts surrounding a poison gas attack in Syria, highlighting tensions between the West and Moscow over how to eliminate the country's chemical weapons.
16.09.2013 14:37 Politics
A code of conduct for handling disputes in the South China Sea should be discussed "gradually", Beijing said after meetings with Southeast Asian nations, suggesting any agreement is still far off.
14.09.2013 17:12 Politics
Four Chinese ships entered waters around islands at the centre of a bitter dispute with Japan on Saturday with no sign of a compromise seen between Asia's two largest powers.
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