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Corruption of minors case: More victims in Atyrau 26 февраля 2014, 12:28

Seven more families from Atyrau have filed complaints against Peter Baruch, accused of corrupting minors in Atyrau and Uralsk.
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Peter Baruch. Photo ©uralskweek.kz/Raul Uporov Peter Baruch. Photo ©uralskweek.kz/Raul Uporov
Seven more families from Atyrau have filed complaints against Peter Baruch, 38 accused of corruption of minors in Uralsk, Tengrinews reports citing Moi Gorod. The Deputy Chief of the Investigation Department at the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) of Western Kazakhstan Oblast Magauyi Kurmashev said that Uralsk investigators came back from Atyrau on February 24 where seven more complaints were filed against Peter Baruch. The British national used to work for an oil company in Atyrau before moving on to Uralsk. The investigators managed to find the girls from Atyrau who were on the photos discovered by the police in Peter Baruch's computer. The Atyrau victims are 16-17 y.o. Kurmashev confirmed that photographs of the victims contained erotic elements and were of pornographic nature. Baruch's case has been growing rapidly over the past month as more and more charges have been brought against him. Initially, the case was started based on a complained of the mother of a 12-years-old girl. After conducting a search in his hotel room and finding around 600 photos of naked underaged girls the policee charged Peter Baruch with Production and distribution of child pornography, or engaging minors in pornographic events based on the photos discovered during a search in his hotel room. Later, when the girls on the photos started testifying, Baruch was also charged with Corruption of Minors. The police is conducting an investigation to determine whether Baruch was disturbing the pornographic materials he made. Baruch claims to have produced materials for his personal use only. But the policy thinks otherwise. “We have already obtained proof that distribution of the photos did take place within Kazakhstan. But the scale of the distribution is not yet clear. We know that he handed photos of the girls to two individuals,” Kurmashev said. If Baruch is found guilty on both counts - Making of Child Pornography and Corruption Minors - he may face up to 9 years in prison. It the police proves he was distributing, his prison term will more years. Overall, there have been 13 complaints filed so far against the British national in Uralsk and Atyrau.

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