Kazakhstan businessmen own Russian airports

27 февраля 2012, 14:16
Novaport's logo
Novaport's logo
Kazakhstan's Meridian Capital bought 50 percent of T.S.Trans Siberia that owns Russian airport holding Novaport, Vedomosti writes.

The cost of the deal is not disclosed. According to the experts, it might be $450 million. Novaport unites the airports of Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Astrakhan, Volgograd, Chelyabinsk and Chita.

Novaport announced the deal six years after it was signed. According to the Cyprus registrar, Meridian appeared as the second owner of Trans Siberia back in 2006. The experts consider that announcing of Meridian Novaport's shareholder is called to increase transparency to attract investors. It is not precluded that Kazakhstan entrepreneurs Maksat Arip and Baglan Zhunussov will become such investors.

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