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28.03.2016 14:14 Laws, Initiatives
Israel's top court on Sunday struck down a landmark deal regulating exploitation of Mediterranean gas reserves, in a major defeat for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
16.11.2015 15:09 Military
Turkey has cancelled a multi-billion-dollar deal with China to build its first anti-missile system that had alarmed Ankara's allies in NATO.
13.11.2015 09:13 Politics
Prime Minister David Cameron said British and Indian companies will announce deals worth a total of £9.0 billion during his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi's visit to Britain.
24.10.2015 11:14 Politics
Japan and Turkmenistan signed a raft of energy and other deals worth more than $18 billion during a Japanese leader's first-ever official visit to the reclusive country.
19.10.2015 11:03 Politics
President Barack Obama ordered the US government to take steps towards lifting sanctions on Iran, in accordance with the historic nuclear deal struck between six world powers and Tehran.
15.10.2015 15:26 Politics
Iran's nuclear accord with world powers won final approval in the Islamic republic with a top panel of jurists and cleric giving the green light.
15.10.2015 14:51 Companies
EU regulators cleared Intel, the world's biggest chipmaker, to buy US firm Altera for $16.7 billion in one of the largest ever Silicon Valley deals.
13.10.2015 17:56 Politics
France announced a series of deals worth 10 billion euros ($11.4 billion) with Saudi Arabia, during a visit by Prime Minister Manuel Valls.
02.10.2015 14:57 Politics
Israel's prime minister savaged the nuclear deal with Iran, falling silent for nearly a minute at the United Nations in protest and offering to resume direct peace talks with the Palestinians.
17.09.2015 14:44 Politics
US President Barack Obama expressed optimism that a vast Pacific trade deal can be reached before the end of the year, despite disputes over rules for key sectors.
14.09.2015 12:19 Politics
They are rivals on the campaign trail, but Republican presidential challengers Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz joined forces at a rally denouncing the Iran nuclear deal being debated by the US Congress.
11.09.2015 14:31 Politics
US President Barack Obama hailed a Congressional vote allowing a nuclear deal with Iran to go ahead.
10.09.2015 16:15 Politics
Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton expressed firm support for the nuclear accord with Iran, saying it was flawed but still "strong".
09.09.2015 12:48 Politics
Former US vice president Dick Cheney blasted the Iran nuclear deal as "madness" and said it marked a "capitulation" by world powers.
05.09.2015 16:12 Military
US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter offered assurances that the Iran nuclear deal will leave Washington with a "more effective" military option if that becomes necessary.
03.09.2015 10:51 Politics
US Secretary of State John Kerry made a late bid to broaden backing for the Iran nuclear deal.
20.08.2015 14:16 Politics
France and Britain are to sign a deal Thursday aimed at alleviating the migrant crisis in Calais, where thousands of people desperate to cross the Channel have gathered in slum-like conditions.
06.08.2015 14:53 Politics
President Barack Obama made an aggressive case for his signature nuclear deal with Iran.
23.07.2015 10:26 Unrest
Protesters poured into New York's Times Square to denounce the Iran nuclear deal as a threat to Israel and global security, demanding that Congress reject the agreement.
20.07.2015 13:54 Politics
Countries that provided platforms for the Iranian talks have played a significant role in the nearly 20 month long intense negotiations to achieve consent on Iran’s nuclear activities.
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