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First Kazakhstan-made Toyota to be assembled in spring 2014 18 февраля 2013, 14:31

A memorandum was signed between Toyota Motor Corporation and Kazakhstan government to produce Toyota Fortuner.
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Signing memorandums. Photo by Marat Abilov© Signing memorandums. Photo by Marat Abilov©
The first Kazakhstan-made Toyota will be assembled in spring 2014, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Deputy Prime-Minister and Minister of Industry and New Technologies Asset Issekeshev as saying at the press-conference timed to signing of the memorandum between Toyota Motor Corporation and Kazakhstan government on production of Toyota Fortuner. “This is a very important milestone in implementation of the car manufacturing program. We have signed a memorandum to start producing Toyota in Kazakhstan in spring 2014. I would like to note that the offroader will be manufactured via the CKD method. This is the method that involves over 1 thousand of different technological operations: a full-scale production line with assembly, painting and many other works. It is all robotized,” Asset Issekeshev said. According to him, the production will involve around 1,000 people. This project will involve around 200-250 local employees. “Car manufacturing has been growing well in Kazakhstan. The industry was worth a little over 200 billion tenge ($1.3 billion) before the industrial program was launched. It made 657 billion tenge ($4.4 billion) in 2012, i.e. it almost tripled. Production of over 50 car models of 12 brands has been established in Kazakhstan. Most of them are in Ust-Kamenogorsk and Kostanay,” the Minister said. In general, according to the Vice-PM, around 100 thousand new cars were sold in Kazakhstan last year. 20 percent of them were manufactured in Kazakhstan. The Kazakhstan total market potential is estimated at 300 thousand cars per year. “The negotiations with Toyota on setting up production in Kazakhstan lasted for over 2 years. I think the quality will be good. All cars manufactured in Kazakhstan will be affordable as it is unprofitable to produce exclusive brands here. Cooperation with major companies is very important for us. One of the biggest Japanese companies has come to Kazakhstan. We hope that other Japanese companies will come to Kazakhstan in future,” Asset Issekeshev said. The parties are keeping the cost of the offroader secret for the time being. According to President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe Didier Leroy, over 20 thousand Toyota and Lexus cars have been sold since the beginning of the sales in Kazakhstan in 2009. “We always start production in the country when we are confident of the the market's long-term potential. We have already sent 20 thousand Toyota and Lexus cars since the beginning of sales in 2009. Last year the sales reached almost 10 thousand cars,” Didier Leroy said. According to him, Saryarka AvtoProm in Kostanay was selected as a partner that Toyota fully supports to make the production comply with the Japanese company’s standards. After the local production is launched, Kazakhstan will continue importing Toyota models like Camry, Land Cruiser and a range of 7 Lexus models. By Baubek Konyrov

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