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Tennis' Greatest Entertainer - Mansour Bahrami

added: 05 January 2013, 11:03


Mansour Bahrami is a professional tennis player. He has held dual French and Iranian nationality since 1989. He is famous for his professionalism but also for his excellent sense of humor. Bahrami had always been an entertainer but his attitude fitted perfectly with the aims of the Outback Champions Tour where giving the public a show was essential. He continues to travel for 40 weeks of the year playing exhibition tournaments in which his range of unusual and breathtaking shots are played. His specialty shots include the power shot through the legs, the lob through the legs and the drop shot which bounces back over the net because of excessive backspin. His sense of humor shines through all of his matches and the crowd is never sure of his next move, be it serving while holding six balls (although he has been known to hold 21), an under arm serve, catching the ball in his pocket, deliberately missing a smash or playing an imaginary, slow-motion point.
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