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Kazakhstan calls for peaceful negotiations in Ukraine

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Kazakhstan calls for peaceful negotiations in Ukraine

Kazakhstan urges Ukraine and Russia to solve the conflict through peaceful negotiations and not through military forces. At the meeting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, Zhanbolat Ussenov talked about solving the Ukrainian issue without violence. Otherwise, according to Ussenov, the situation might get out of hand and result in unpredictable consequences.

On March 1, the Federation Council of Russia voted to give President Putin a right to use Russian military troupes in Ukraine to stabilize the situation. Ukraine responded with a call for Russia not to bring the troupes.

"Different political leaders give different points of views and opinions concerning the situation in Ukraine. And we have stated our position, which we believe to be well balanced. We hope for the revival of a peaceful dialogue between the countries. We believe it is time for well-balanced and constructive decisions, not for declamations. 

"Kazakhstan expresses deep concern in relation to the situation in Ukraine. Further escalation of the tensions may lead to unpredictable consequences both in the region and internationally. Kazakhstan calls all the parties involved to abandon attempts of military settlement of the situation and to put maximum political effort into solving the issue through negotiations. The decision must be based on the fundamental principles of the international law.

"We are calling all the interested parties to take a balanced, objective and responsible standing on the situation and abstain from actions that can provoke a further escalation of the Ukraine crisis. 

"Kazakhstan expresses hope for early stabilization of the situation, reinstatement of the peaceful dialogue between all the political parties and restoration of the law and order the in country," the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Zhanbolat Ussenov said.

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