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Almaty Mayor advises police to get some brain

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Almaty Mayor advises police to get some brain

Almaty Mayor, Akhmetzhan Yessimov has promised to provide additional funding to the city's police to improve their capacities in fighting high tech crimes. What makes the statement so peculiar is the way he worded it. He told the police to use the money to get some brain.

"These days our citizens were receiving What's Up messages informing them that several bank's in Kazakhstan would allegedly soon go bankrupt. Many people believed these provocative messages and started withdrawing their deposits and storming ATMs to draw cash from their cards.

"It is obvious that this caused a huge damage to the banks, but we should not forget that the bank depositors suffered losses as well.

"We must step up the work of the departments working to prevent and solve such crimes.

"The city will continue supporting the law enforcement authorities financially and has decided, in view of this situation, to provide addition funding in the amount of 1 billion tenge ($5.4 million).

"But this one billion tenge is not for more cars. We have purchased enough cars for you over the past years. The money is for brain," Yessimov said addressing the police. "For our police to use advanced technologies like used by the criminals. Because if they don't have the equipment how are their supposed to catch the criminals," he elaborated.

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