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Kazakhstan carving new face of domestic science

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Kazakhstan carving new face of domestic science

CRDF Global will promote technology commercialization in Kazakhstan starting from September 13. President and CEO of CRDF Global Cathleen Campbell signed the contract in Astana on behalf of CRDF Global and Deputy Minister of Education and Science Murat Orunkhanov represented Kazakhstan.

“CRDF Global and its partners are delighted to begin work on this program to build the technology commercialization capacity that is so critical for Kazakhstan’s transition to a knowledge-based economy,” Campbell is quoted by CRDF Global website as saying.  “We have been working in Kazakhstan for 18 years and we look forward to working with the Ministry of Education and Science and with the science, technology, and business communities in Kazakhstan on this important program.”

CRDF Global will implement this program in cooperation with the IC2 Institute of the University of Texas, Austin, and Exoventure Associates, LLC.

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