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Wolves in sheep clothing: possible involvement of foreign forces in Kiev

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Wolves in sheep clothing: possible involvement of foreign forces in Kiev

The aftermath of the January 19th break through the Grushevskaya Street barricade unfolded in a truly dramatic manner.

On the video the police are holding all-around defense against the protestors armed with Molotov cocktails and stones. Several police are set on fire. Literally. Some sharpshooters threw their Molotov cocktails right at the police officers that have to fight the fire of the burning ammunition right there.

The protestors injured 120 police officers. 80 policemen were hospitalized with serious injuries. According to the press office of the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine, policemen received closed craniocerebral injuries, bone fractures, burns, stab wounds and poisoning with unknown substances.

The Ministry also confirmed the death of one of the protestants who was shot by the police. The medical center of the protestors reported another fatality. A man fell from the top of the ceremonial entrance to the Dynamo Kiev football stadium. The Ministry of the Interior has not confirmed it yet. Unfortunately, there is less information on the victims from the protestors’ side.

There are some implications that the protests were planned. “The opposition is following the bloodied path of Syria and other Arab countries. (…) We are talking about thoroughly planned operation of militants dressed in civilian clothing,” Evgeny Balitsky of the Supreme Council of Ukraine said.

The opposition members agree with the government at least in one thing - foreign involvement. Protestors tweeted seeing special forces in <i> Berkut </i> uniform implying Russia’s involvement. The Russians deny any participation in the Kiev riots. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov described the violent protests as "scary" and an "absolute violation of all European norms of behavior".

If we consider the events of January 20 as planned, the question is by whom and for what purpose? Was it to undermine Ukraine’s “European-ness” or to support the fight for freedom and the future of Ukraine as a member of the EU?

The questions remain unanswered and the blood cooling protests continue.

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