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Car crashes into kiosk with woman sleeping inside

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Car crashes into kiosk with woman sleeping inside

A car accident involving a sleeping woman, drunk man, crushed car and ruined kiosk has happened at the crossing of Shalyapin and Altynsarin streets in Almaty, Tengrinews reports citing STV Channel.

The accident took place at around 01:00 a.m. on March 20. According to witnesses, a Toyota Aristo with several young man inside was driving to the east down Shalyapin Str. For some reason the driver lost control of the car and crashed right into a roadside kiosk at full speed. The car flipped over and the kiosk nearly collapsed.

There was an elderly woman, the seller working at the 24/7 kiosk, inside. She was asleep and the accident caught her completely unaware. By a sheer luck the woman was not killed by the car, but she still got a lot of various injuries and was taken to a hospital.

One of the man who was inside the car was also injured. It is unclear whether he was the one who was driving or one of the passengers. He was taken to the hospital as well.

Witnesses said that whoever was driving that car was clearly drunk and that was what caused him to loose control.

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