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Southern Kazakhstan fighting back floodwater

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Southern Kazakhstan fighting back floodwater

Several villages in Kyzylorda Oblast in southern Kazakhstan have been repeatedly experiencing destructive floods for over a fortnight, since the time snow started melting heavily in the end of February.

Many of the residents of Zhailma village had to abandon their houses and move over to their friends and extended families until the time the hazard passes. Many of the houses have been damaged so badly that they are collapsing or on the verge of collapsing and beyond repair. Birlik village is also under the threat of a heavy flooding. 

“The house is barely standing. We didn’t expect things to happen so fast. It will hold for some time longer, but eventually it will go down. Well, at least I managed to take my family away from there in time,” a local resident says showing gaping hollow under the foundation of his house and a long crack in the wall.

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