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Epiphany bathing rites in Astana from bird's eye view

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Epiphany bathing rites in Astana from bird's eye view

Astana-based blogger Vitaliy Perov known for his Vit W YouTtube channel, shot Epiphany bathing rites in Astana, Kazakhstan from a bidr's eye view using his small quadrocopter. Russian Orthodox Church in Astana celebrated the Epiphany on January 19.

A lot of people observe the Epiphany bathing rites in Kazakhstan - they plunge into holes  cut in the ice on frozen rivers and lakes. The main bathing place in Astana this year was at the Yessil (Ishim) River. Orthodox Christians observe the bathing tradition to celebrate the Baptism of Jesus Christ and for them the bathing symbolizes purification. Since the tradition is not very easy to observe - winter weather in Kazakhstan ranged from -5 to -30 on January 19 depending on the region - the tradition is also associated with courage and healthy lifestyle. 

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