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Chocolate king claims victory in Ukraine presidential vote Chocolate baron Petro Poroshenko claimed a resounding victory on Sunday in Ukraine's presidential election and immediately vowed to end a bloody pro-Russian uprising that thwarted voting across swathes of the separatist east.
26 мая 2014
G7 to impose new sanctions on Russia as Kiev warns of 'world war' The Group of Seven rich countries agreed Saturday to impose new sanctions on Russia over the crisis in Ukraine, after Kiev accused Moscow of seeking to trigger a "third world war".
26 апреля 2014
Anti-government protesters and journalists walk on the grounds of the Mezhyhirya residence of Ukraine's President Viktor Yanukovich. ©Reuters/Konstantin Chernichkin Ukraine ushers in new era as president flees A new era dawned in Ukraine on Sunday as parliament appointed a pro-Western interim leader after ousted president Viktor Yanukovych fled Kiev to escape retribution for a week of deadly carnage.
24 февраля 2014
Deal signed to end Ukraine crisis; move to free Tymoshenko Ukraine's embattled leader signed a deal Friday with the opposition in a bid to end the ex-Soviet country's worst crisis since independence after three days of carnage left nearly 100 protesters dead.
22 февраля 2014
Thousands of Ukraine protesters mass outside parliament Thousands of Ukrainian protesters massed outside parliament in Kiev on Tuesday as lawmakers were set to debate a vote of no confidence in the government over the scrapping of a deal with the European Union.
03 декабря 2013
Dozens wounded as Ukraine police break up rally Dozens of protesters were reported wounded in Ukraine's capital early Saturday when police brutally dispersed demonstrators calling for President Viktor Yanukovych's ouster after he failed to salvage an EU deal.
30 ноября 2013
'Free Ukraine, not me': Tymoshenko urges EU leaders Jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko called on EU leaders to drop all demands and sign a historic pact with Ukraine without any preconditions at a summit that opens Thursday.
28 ноября 2013
Summit to spotlight EU-Russia row over Soviet-era states An EU summit designed to draw six ex-Soviet states to the West opens with its ambitions dented Thursday after Ukraine, the biggest of the six, caved into Moscow to hand Europe a mighty "Nyet".
28 ноября 2013
Tymoshenko goes on hunger strike in support of pro-EU protests Jailed Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko went on a hunger strike Tuesday in solidarity with thousands of pro-European protesters outraged with the ex-Soviet state's shock decision to scrap a key EU pact.
26 ноября 2013
Pro-EU Ukrainians mass in biggest rally since Orange Revolution Pro-Western Ukrainians on Sunday held the biggest protest rally in Kiev since the 2004 Orange Revolution, urging the government to sign a historic pact with the European Union and clashing with police.
26 ноября 2013
©Reuters/Gleb Garanich West disappointed after Ukraine scraps EU deal Ukraine on Friday faced accusations from the West it had missed a historic opportunity and caved into Kremlin pressure after the government scrapped plans to sign a deal to deepen trade and political ties with the European Union.
22 ноября 2013
©Reuters/Konstantin Chernichkin Ukraine to debate Tymoshenko bill to save EU deal Ukraine's parliament on Tuesday was set to debate a bill to let jailed former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko go abroad for treatment in a last-ditch attempt to save a crucial deal with the European Union.
19 ноября 2013
Ukraine talks deadlocked as EU clock ticks down Ukraine's parliament on Friday failed to end days of deadlock over legislation that would allow jailed former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko to go abroad for treatment and pave the way for the signing of a key EU accord.
09 ноября 2013
Ukraine leader pardons Tymoshenko ally under EU pressure Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych pardoned Sunday a close ally of jailed former premier Yulia Tymoshenko as several thousands rallied in Kiev to protest his policies amid rising political tensions.
08 апреля 2013
Tymoshenko ends hunger strike: doctors Jailed Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko agreed to end her hunger strike, her doctors said, more than two weeks after she began her protest over alleged fraud in polls won by the country's ruling party.
17 ноября 2012
I fear for my mother's life: Tymoshenko's daughter The daughter of Ukraine's jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko said she cannot talk her out of her hunger strike and wakes every day fearing for her mother's life.
06 ноября 2012
US leads concern at Ukraine vote, ruling party set to win The United States and international observers said Ukraine's elections were a step backwards for democracy as the ruling party was set to win against allies of jailed ex-premier Yulia Tymoshenko.
30 октября 2012
©RIA Novosti Tymoshenko: Ukraine vote 'rigged' before it has even begun Ukraine's upcoming elections have been rigged before they have even begun and the West must act to prevent the demise of its democracy.
22 сентября 2012
Jailed ex-PM Tymoshenko loses Ukraine appeal Ukraine's high court on Wednesday rejected jailed ex-premier Yulia Tymoshenko's appeal of her abuse of power conviction despite threats of being cut off from Western nations that view the case as political.
31 августа 2012
Yulia Tymoshenko. ©RIA Novosti Divided Ukraine awaits Tymoshenko appeal ruling Ukraine's high court rules Wednesday on former premier Yulia Tymoshenko's appeal against her seven-year jailing on charges the West views as President Viktor Yanukovych's political revenge.
29 августа 2012
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