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15.03.2016 17:21 Military
Russia has begun to withdraw military equipment from Syria, the defence ministry said Tuesday.
15.07.2014 15:33 Military
The Upper Chamber of Kazakhstan’s Parliament has ratified the Agreement between the government of Kazakhstan and Italy on transit of military equipment and personnel via Kazakhstan’s territory.
11.06.2014 15:07 Military
The lower chamber of Kazakhstan’s Parliament has given the thumbs up for Italy to withdraw its military equipment and personnel through the Kazakh territory.
03.06.2014 10:18 Companies
Saudi Arabia has withdrawn Cadbury chocolate bars from the market for tests to ensure the products do not contain traces of pig DNA, after the banned substance was detected in Malaysia.
01.04.2014 18:57 Politics
Ukraine reported a gradual withdrawal of Russian troops from its border that may be linked to Washington's latest push for a diplomatic solution to the worst East-West standoff since the Cold War.
08.10.2013 10:31 Politics
Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper has threatened to withdraw funding for the Commonwealth in an escalating row over rights abuses by Sri Lanka ahead of a summit next month.
12.09.2013 10:33 Politics
Venezuela withdrew from a regional human rights court on Tuesday, fulfilling the wishes of late president Hugo Chavez to the dismay of activists who fear the state may commit abuses.
20.07.2013 11:33 Military
A customs dispute between the Afghan and US governments has disrupted the withdrawal of American military equipment, dramatically inflating the cost of the drawdown.
10.07.2013 11:29 Military
The United States is seriously considering speeding up the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan because of frustration with President Hamid Karzai.
24.06.2013 19:05 Politics
Secretary of State John Kerry will Monday try to ease India's concerns about the impending withdrawal of US troops from war-torn Afghanistan as he embraces a greater role for the regional power.
19.06.2013 11:55 Military
Afghan forces took control of security across the country on Tuesday, marking a major milestone as US-led combat troops prepare to withdraw after 12 years of fighting the Taliban.
30.05.2013 17:33 Politics
The United States demanded the immediate withdrawal of Hezbollah fighters from Syria on Wednesday, saying their active role in combat there was an "extremely dangerous escalation."
08.05.2013 18:48 People
Kurdish rebels are due to begin their much-anticipated withdrawal from Turkey into their stronghold in northern Iraq on Wednesday, a major step towards ending a decades-long conflict that has left tens of thousands dead.
06.05.2013 10:10 Politics
India and China have starting withdrawing troops from a disputed area in the Himalayas to resolve a row that has strained ties between the nuclear-armed neighbours.
10.04.2013 12:26 Politics
As France begins withdrawing its troops from Mali, a top US defence official has said a UN-mandated African force was "incapable" of taking over the battle against Islamist extremists.
05.04.2013 17:19 Military
New Zealand troops began their withdrawal from Afghanistan Friday, with the lowering of the flag for the last time at their base in Bamiyan to mark the end of a 10-year involvement in the war.
01.04.2013 17:38 Military
The US operation to remove military hardware and vehicles from Afghanistan as troops withdraw after 12 years of war will cost between five and six billion dollars.
26.02.2013 17:57 Companies
Swedish furniture giant Ikea has withdrawn its own-label meatballs from sale in at least 16 European countries after Czech authorities found horsemeat in the product.
25.02.2013 13:34 Politics
Afghanistan's president has ordered US special forces out of a strategic province over allegations of torture and murder by Afghans working with them.
21.02.2013 14:13 Military
US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta will get a fond farewell from his NATO colleagues at a two-day meeting beginning Thursday.
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