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04.04.2014 17:38 National cooking
It was with a heavy heart, and some panic, that Britons digested new advice this week that their struggle to eat enough fruit and vegetables had just got harder.
24.02.2014 04:35 People
Tangerines, bananas, pomegranates, fig tree and even coffee are grown in the underground greenhouse in Ust-Kamenagorsk.
25.01.2014 10:18 Entertainment, Style
Tomatoes, veggies and herbs are sprouting from Berlin parks, a shopping mall rooftop and even a former airfield in community gardens that pioneer farmers say add green spice to urban life.
06.01.2014 15:17 Markets
Kazakhstan has expressed interest in exporting goods via the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railroad that will be launched sometime next year.
30.12.2013 18:07 Industry, Infrastructure
Construction of Kazakhstan's biggest greenhouse complex has been completed in Topar village in Karaganda Oblast.
25.07.2013 17:40 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan biotechnologists have cultivated a virus-resistant variety of potato using clonal propagation technology.
10.12.2012 12:25 Industry, Infrastructure
The greenhouse has the area of 51 thousand square meters and will produce 4000 tones of vegetables a year.
09.10.2012 10:45 Health
Eating tomatoes can dramatically reduce the risk of having a stroke, according to a new study out Monday that provided more support for diets rich in fruits and vegetables.
27.03.2012 23:30 Markets
Kyrgyz farmers started supplying fresh vegetables to south regions of Kazakhstan.
22.01.2012 13:42 Industry, Infrastructure
Astana will be fully supplied with local glass-grown vegetables by 2013: Akim.
14.06.2011 18:33 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan population's demand for vegetables is six times higher than the amount produced.