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Photo courtesy of ‘Anti-lace’ policy in Kazakhstan: What does it ban? The ban has become widely known as a ‘ridiculous lace undies ban’, a ‘lacist’ policy and, the smartest version, a ‘non-tariff regulation’. But what is the policy really about? What exactly is banned from being imported to Kazakhstan?
06 марта 2014
Photo a courtesy of Lace undies policy in Kazakhstan Production, import and sales of lace undies has been prohibited by the Custom Union. Kazakhstan, along with Russia and Belarus, now has to obey the regulations concerning lace undies.
17 февраля 2014
Legs bared around the world for annual 'No Pants' commute Bare legs and briefs filled train cars from Sydney to New York Sunday as passengers traveled trouserless -- provoking laughs and perplexed looks -- for the 13th annual "No Pants Subway Ride."
13 января 2014
In Mexico, hundreds strip for 'No Pants Subway Ride' Hundreds of people in Mexico City shed their pants and skirts to take part in the "No Pants Subway Ride" prank observed Sunday, just for laughs, around the world.
14 января 2013
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