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Tweets too short? Twitter mulling 10,000 characters Twitter may soon lift its 140 character limit on tweets. 10,000 character tweets could be available as soon as March.
06 января 2016
Twitter chief Dorsey gives chunk of stock to workers Twitter co-founder and chief Jack Dorsey said that he is giving a third of his shares to company employees.
23 октября 2015
Twitter lifts limits on direct messages between users Twitter lifted its character limit for direct messages between users, saying it would help make the private side of Twitter "more powerful and fun."
13 августа 2015
Instagram targets real-time events in Twitter challenge Instagram began letting users easily tune into hot topics of the moment as the Facebook-owned image sharing service stepped squarely into Twitter's domain.
24 июня 2015
Twitter-Google deal puts tweets in search results Google and Twitter announced a partnership Tuesday to display tweets in search results, renewing a tieup that ended in 2011.
20 мая 2015
Twitter expands privacy on direct messages Twitter said it was making it easier to take direct messages private, carving out a bigger space for targeted exchanges on the popular microblogging service.
21 апреля 2015
Twitter chief vows to help Indonesia fight disasters Twitter chief Dick Costolo said the microblogging site planned to work with Indonesian authorities to warn people about natural disasters.
26 марта 2015
Twitter buys livestream app maker Periscope Twitter said it had purchased the maker of the video streaming app Periscope, amid what seems to be surging interest in live video sharing.
14 марта 2015
Twitter chief confirms Google 'relationship' Twitter chief Dick Costolo said Thursday that "a relationship" with Google has been rekindled, but he was coy on the details.
06 февраля 2015
Twitter hackers announce 'World War III' Hackers took over Twitter accounts of the New York Post and United Press International, writing bogus messages.
17 января 2015
Twitter takes note of other apps on smartphones Twitter said it would begin tracking which other applications people have installed on their mobile devices in a bid to better target ads and content.
27 ноября 2014
Twitter logo. ©REUTERS Twitter boss launches global cash register service Twitter's co-founder outlined plans to make cash registers a thing of the past.
21 ноября 2014
Twitter indexes every public tweet ever sent Twitter began letting users search through every tweet publicly fired off at the globally-popular one-to-many messaging service since it launched in 2006.
19 ноября 2014
S&P gives Twitter debt 'junk' rating Standard & Poor's gave Twitter's recent $1.8 billion debt issue a "speculative" rating of BB-.
14 ноября 2014
Twitter to set up shop in Hong Kong Twitter plans to set up shop in Hong Kong early next year, focusing on ad sales instead of the one-to-many messaging service banned in China.
08 ноября 2014
Twitter hammered on growth fears Twitter saw its shares hammered after reporting quarterly results that largely met expectations but failed to allay concerns about growth of the messaging platform.
28 октября 2014
©Reuters/Eric Thayer
 Twitter looks to weave into more mobile apps Twitter set out to weave itself into mobile applications with a free "Fabric" platform to help developers build better programs and make more money.
23 октября 2014
©Reuters/Eric Thayer Twitpic to shutter service after all Twitpic put out word that the service is shutting down after all, apologizing for a "false alarm" that a merger would be its salvation.
18 октября 2014
©Reuters/Eric Thayer Twitter tweets start to sing Twitter began letting people instantly listen to music and other audio by clicking on tweets from the popular messaging service.
17 октября 2014
©Reuters/Eric Thayer Twitter sues US to disclose more on secret data orders Twitter sued the US government, claiming its free speech rights are being violated by restrictions on its ability to disclose numbers of secret orders.
08 октября 2014

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