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29.05.2015 13:39 Politics
A comprehensive plan to implement Nazarbayev's five reforms has been released in Kazakhstan.
29.09.2014 21:58 Politics
Kazakh Lower Chamber MP asked the head of the Anti-Corruption Agency about ways to improve Kazakhstan's rating in the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index.
05.12.2013 12:56 Politics
Kazakhstan shares its 140th place with Honduras, Laos and Uganda.
28.01.2013 19:41 Finance
Kazakhstan has improved the residents’ access to the budget information over the past 2 years.
14.11.2011 11:20 Education
Government program on education modernization in Kazakhstan is expected to creates conditions for universities to become more independent.
20.05.2011 17:35 Kazakhstan
Peter Howes: Most of national companies have a low low transparen of transparency .