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11.07.2014 13:20 Politics
Kyrgyzstan has a shortage of fuel resulting from around 1000 wagons being stuck at Kazakhstan's border.
18.06.2014 13:12 Companies
North Caspian Operating Company (NCOC) informed that the transition to a new operator of the Kashagan project started back in May 2014.
05.01.2014 11:51 Companies
Kazakhstan banks will start transitioning to Basel III standards starting from January 2015.
14.11.2013 01:44 Markets
Rosneft will supply Kazakhstan with additional crude in exchange for the oil transit to China.
10.01.2013 17:10 Military
The document allows French aircrafts arriving from Afghanistan to land in Shymkent airport and re-load military property owned by the French.
05.09.2012 10:23 Industry, Infrastructure
The period of completion of works on the entry point was discussed at the meeting of Kazakhstan-Chinese Cooperation Commission.
29.06.2012 16:18 Education
Kazakhstan schools will be resupplied and reequipped to enable their transit from 11-year to 12-year eduction system.
13.04.2012 11:44 Industry, Infrastructure
We see a positive dynamics in development of the economy and mutual trade: Latvian Secretary of State.
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