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22.08.2014 14:16 Laws, Initiatives
A New York city councilman wants to ban toys in fast-food restaurant kid meals that do not meet strict dietary guidelines.
25.04.2014 10:29 Internet
Singaporean fans of Hello Kitty raged on the web Thursday after their frantic attempts to buy limited-edition toys from the McDonald's website failed when overwhelmed servers crashed, in the latest frenzy over the Japanese cat to hit the city-state.
19.04.2014 10:04 Companies
Toymaker Mattel has a problem: Barbie's performance has not been very pretty of late.
28.11.2013 12:05 Gadgets
Tamagotchi, the egg-shaped virtual pet beloved of schoolchildren in the 1990s, is making a comeback and is set to hit the shelves of European shops in time for Christmas.
27.11.2013 12:03 Markets
Consumer activists Tuesday cited a Captain America shield that contains 29 times more lead than allowed by law as one of the most dangerous toys of 2013.
25.09.2013 17:18 Laws, Initiatives
A Brazilian territory is believed to have become the first region in Latin America to ban the sale of toy guns as the country attempts to staunch an epidemic of firearm-related crime.
10.05.2013 15:00 Entertainment, Style
The opening this month of the first life-sized Barbie Dreamhouse in Europe may be the fantasy of many a little girl, but Berlin feminists are mobilising against what they call a sexist icon.
27.01.2013 14:41 Crime
A US appeals court on Thursday threw out a multi-million dollar award against toy maker Mattel in a long-running dispute with rival MGA Entertainment over Bratz children's dolls.
21.09.2012 14:19 Religion
Senior imam of Khazret-Sultan mosque Kairat Zholdybaiuly opposes sales of dolls in Arab-style hijabs in Kazakhstan.