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23.08.2014 11:45 Environment
"Pepe the Missionary," a giant tortoise who rose to fame as one of the most photographed animals on Galapagos Islands, has died at age 60.
17.06.2013 15:37 Environment
Scientists will try to revive two species of giant Galapagos tortoises thought to have been extinct by breeding genetic relatives in captivity.
26.03.2013 10:38 Environment
It is perhaps not surprising that there are only a handful of humans on one of the most remote islands on Earth, coral atolls far out in the turquoise seas of the Indian Ocean.
15.02.2013 16:31 Environment
Almost one in five of the world's reptile species are in danger of extinction as their habitats are cleared away for farming and logging.
10.01.2013 15:27 Environment
Breeding season is underway for the endangered tortoises of Ecuador's Galapagos Islands, whose mating and nesting habits are carefully watched by wildlife specialists hoping to save them from extinction.
23.11.2012 15:54 Environment
When Lonesome George, the last Pinta Island giant tortoise, died in June in the Galapagos, the world mourned the demise of a species.
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