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22.10.2014 19:51 Health
The World Health Organization has recommended Kazakhstanis to abstain from drinking tea during mealtime.
13.06.2014 18:36 Markets
Kazakhstan is steadily increasing its import of tea, which reached 32,000 tons worth $147 million in 2013 alone.
12.04.2013 18:56 Companies
Dutch tea and coffee producer D.E. Masterblenders said Friday that it has reached a conditional agreement with a German investor group led by Johann A. Benckiser on a 7.5-billion-euro ($9.8-bn) takeover deal.
21.03.2013 10:56 Health
Research among long-distance commercial drivers in Australia has given weight to those who say coffee, tea or caffeine energy drinks or tablets help prevent dangerous drowsiness at the wheel.
16.04.2012 15:06 Emergencies
Greenpeace experts discovered hazardous substances in green, jasmine and Ulun teas of 9 leading Chinese producers.