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06.10.2014 15:07 Companies
Troubled British supermarket giant Tesco announced that the former head of Ikea and the current head of catering firm Compass have joined the group's board.
29.08.2014 14:24 Markets
Troubled British supermarket giant Tesco issued another profits warning and slashed its shareholder dividend by 75 percent.
18.06.2014 09:02 Crime
A Roma teenager was fighting for his life Tuesday after a lynching by a mob who accused him of burglary in a suburb outside the French capital, a police source said.
15.01.2014 11:07 Industry, Infrastructure
Foreign supermarket giants faced being shut out of the Indian capital after Delhi's new state government decided not grant them a licence to operate.
22.11.2013 11:55 Emergencies
Six people including two rescue workers were killed and 35 others injured on Thursday when the roof of a supermarket collapsed in a suburb of Latvia's capital Riga, emergency services confirmed.
04.03.2013 19:49 Emergencies
Untimely snow cleaning has caused a collapse of the roof in a large supermarket in Astana, Kazakhstan.
05.02.2013 13:35 Markets
Supermarket chains in Argentina agreed to freeze their prices for 60 days in an attempt to rein in inflation.
02.09.2012 10:13 Crime
A man armed with a Kalashnikov-style automatic rifle and a handgun shot dead two people Friday at a supermarket in a town near New York, and then shot himself.